A reminder: Fundraising mail still rocks …

The year-end flood of nonprofit mail feeds cynicism among some fundraisers, particularly new folks and those in small organizations.  In that light, I was happy to see a blog post from a friend with some reminders of why direct mail remains so critical.

Nancy Scott writes the Marketing Brillo blog covering a wide range of topics, most often in consumer and business-to-business marketing … yet worth your time when you read fundraising into the subject matter at hand.  The key points you should notice in this post:

“The fact that direct mail is rarely used in some segments, makes it effective…”  Bryan Semple.

“With the mountain of social media and other on-line marketing and advertising ‘noise’, getting something delivered right to you increases the chance it will be seen.” — Terri L. Mauer.

I’ve worked on fundraising programs targeting engineers in their 20s … young, high-tech types, who long ago moved past desktops, let alone paper on desks.  No way mail would work with that group, right?

The programs worked quite well … as long as we gave people an online giving option.  The organizations received many gifts in reply envelopes, many more at their web site, all spurred by good old paper through the mail.  (You need a good giving site of course.  And make sure it’s optimized for mobile.)

Again, this post and Nancy’s blog are about business-to-business marketing, lead generation and such … Forbes and such … but such ideas should inform all who want to influence and drive action and donations today, even in this wired world.

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