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Be careful with “full stops” in fundraising

Digging through the archives recently, I came across a good article by Jerry Huntsinger, the self-proclaimed “Dean of Direct Mail Fundraising.” In “You’ll Have to Excuse Me, I Got Ds in Grammar” Jerry offers many useful tips.  For now, I’d … Continue reading

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Nonsexist writing for fundraising

I recently heard a presentation that had good info but was made unbearable to my ear by the speakers struggle with nonsexist language. “Each child had his or her lesson in individual classrooms before he or she took time off … Continue reading

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More on using premiums in fundraising

At least five years ago, the Association of Fundraising Professionals reported the following generalizations based on testing by “more than 35” national fundraising direct mail programs: — Advocacy groups are usually better off not using premiums. — Most nonadvocacy charities … Continue reading

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Typewritten emails work!

Direct marketing tells us what works, but not why.  A favorite example arises with the Courier typeface — a typewriter font that continues to win tests long after the typewriter’s common existence. I had the pleasure of selling low-cost, high-payoff … Continue reading

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Use of premiums in fundraising

Over the last six months I “bought” four beautiful, quite large plush animals from the Sierra Club.  Well, I discovered that the Sierra Club had what looked like the handsomest premiums that they send to people who “Sponsor a Wild … Continue reading

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