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Fundraising “above the fold”

I recently received a flurry of email exchanges on the issue of whether it’s still essential to load content at the top of a web page … “above the fold” in old newspaper parlance and current web design argot. This … Continue reading

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The second step to maximizing donor lifetime value?

To maximize success in any persuasive endeavor, think incrementally. The envelope is created to sell the next step:  opening. Each aspect of a letter sells the next step:  continuing readership. The letter as a whole sells the next step:  A … Continue reading

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The first step to maximize donor lifetime value?

Here’s your #1 best action when you want to have the best donor cultivation … the best donor retention … the greatest bequest giving … the best lifetime donor value … Acquire the right donors!!! Duh?  No, really. For smaller … Continue reading

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What makes a good fundraising letter work?

It’s like face-to-face persuasion.   Persuasive copy reads like someone talking.  Not formal.  Not necessarily complete sentences.  Paced.   Pauses.  Emphases.  Excitement! It buys readership and action incrementally.  Your opening sentence buys readership in the next sentence.  Every place the … Continue reading

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10 Benefits of Direct Marketing for Smaller Nonprofits

1. Develops major donors. 2. Provides prospects for planned giving.   (That $10 donor may leave you $50K!) 3. Supports all other marketing channels. 4. Acquires new donors. 5. Produces reliable repeat income. 6. Can effectively upgrade your donors’ contribution level. … Continue reading

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