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BIG FONTS WORK in fundraising letters

I’ve seen results of several tests proving that using Courier in fundraising letters lifts response.  Old news now, I hope. For a decade now, I’ve seen 14′ Courier lift response repeatedly on fundraising letters, too.  BIG HORSEY LOOKS WEIRD 14′ … Continue reading

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Fundraising: “Tiered asks” vs HPC / MRC

I’ve written before about the risk of using a standard HPC (Highest Previous Contribution) as the base for ask amounts.  In sum:  When I give $100 in an inspired moment of generosity, you might lose if you forever thereafter ask … Continue reading

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What links Monthly Giving and online donations?

I made an online donation to a small organization last week, a little disappointed they used a third-party collector for online gifts, then delighted that www.donortownsquare made the monthly giving option as prominent and easy as my one-time gift. Nothing … Continue reading

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