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Numbers vs. value

A couple of posts back I acknowledged my tendency to rate success based on Return on Investment (ROI). In saying this, I quickly want to contradict myself, acknowledging that response numbers don’t matter so much as life-time value of donors. … Continue reading

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31 Renewal Concepts

Almost all of the following were tested into control status for organizations I’ve worked with.  (Many were also subsequently beaten, almost always by others in this list.) 1. Resell membership:  Four-page letter telling your story, core mission, history, litany of … Continue reading

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Time for a creative tune-up?

How many of the following describe your organization and your mail and electronic communications: –Flat response to house-file appeal? –Flat or declining response to acquisition off proven lists? –You have identified groups/types of people who you think should be supporting … Continue reading

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Treat “all donors as major donors”?

A Small Change, fundraising blog by Jason Dick, a campaign manager for a college in Redmond, largely offers tips for small orgs.  More interesting to me are his meditations on how we think about charitable giving, donors, and donor cultivation. … Continue reading

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Some “happydonor” reminders

— You’re not writing to all of the people on your mailing list. You’re writing to the 2% or so who are fully engaged with your organization’s mission at the moment they are reading. That realization will focus your communication and get … Continue reading

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