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Reading Reco: How (writing) works

In the recently published How Fiction Works, James Woods provides many insights that will make you a better reader and writer of fiction.  Worth your time, though be forewarned: his home library may be a bit deeper than yours and … Continue reading

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What works in fundraising online: Clear calls to action

In a recent article in Web Marketing Today, Todd Follansbee makes a number of great points highly relevant to nonprofit web sites. Read the article. But here are a few excerpted points: * Use consistent wording. “Contact us” and “Contact … Continue reading

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Serif vs. sans serif continued …

I have written a couple of times in these pages about the virtue of serif fonts, Courier in particular.  But input from an occasional correspondent and my online wanderings today lead me to reopen the discussion, at least for fonts … Continue reading

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What works: Persistence

Time for a rant.  I haven’t seen persistence applied in email fundraising yet, but it works elsewhere and is wholly consistent with what we do in the mail, so … Sending email campaigns around a target date works.  I use … Continue reading

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Read at your own risk …

… of discomfort.  A few months ago a new book hit the racks — Thanking the Monkey: Rethinking the Way We Treat Animals by Karen Dawn.  Replete with endorsements from Gloria Steinem, Paul Haggis, Bill Maher, David Duchovny and a … Continue reading

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What works: Show donors your mission

At the recent Bridge Conference, Kathy Swayze of Impact Communications gave a session titled “Selling the Sizzle”, a general advertising metaphor that struck me as awkward in the fundraising world … but a worthy topic in Kathy’s hands nonetheless. The … Continue reading

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