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The “Lost Art” of Cultivation?

At last week’s Bridge Conference, I challenged the speakers on the session title “The Lost Art of Cultivation.”  They handily introduced the theme acknowledging that the art hadn’t been lost, but that donor cultivation has been dying out due to … Continue reading

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A brilliant use of a logo

Check it out.  From AI France.

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Caveat Emptor: email appends

I’m at the Direct Marketing Assn of Washington / Assn of Fundraising Professionals DC “Bridge Conference” today and tomorrow.  One speaker today — Mark Rovner of Sea Change Strategies — relayed some scary info about email appends I hadn’t been aware … Continue reading

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What works: BIG TYPE

I received a matching gift appeal from Amnesty Int’l USA yesterday.  Might have been good, as this outfit generally has pretty strong appeals. But I didn’t read it. Nothing typographic invited my attention.  No boldface at all.  (Ok, I often argue against … Continue reading

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What works: SUCCESs

I’m getting a lot of exciting ideas from two books: Made to Stick:  Why Some Ideas Survive and Other Die by Chip Heath and Dan Heath Presentation Zen:  Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery by Garr Reynolds Made to … Continue reading

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What works in fundraising: Welcome kits

Scroll WAY down this page and you’ll find a GoStats bug that leads me to stats on hits on this site and also what pages led folks here. In the nine or so months since launch, the top search words … Continue reading

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Bush — the “AIDS President”??

During last year’s International Fundraising Congress I talked with several people trying to deal with AIDS in Africa, all of whom expressed deep frustration and harsh complaints with President Bush’s famous $15 billion global HIV/AIDS initiative, which is still lauded … Continue reading

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