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What works in fundraising: Carrier envelopes III

Mike Heatley of Colortree posted a response to the first of the Carrier envelopes trilogy asking about the effectiveness of using full-color graphics on envelopes, like photographic images or artists’ renderings. I can’t answer that out of my own experience … Continue reading

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What works: Carrier envelopes II

John Lepp of The Naked Idea blog posted a response to my comments on carriers, asking about envelope size. His¬†informal survey of fundraising mail demonstrated that #10s are no longer the norm and, in fact, a minority of the envelopes … Continue reading

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Considering letter openings …

How to start. You send an appeal monthly or more often. You want to be timely, yet not risk having your message overtaken by events. You want to be urgent but not hysterical. You want to engage and move people … Continue reading

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Attn USA fundraisers: “Best of Best” Int’l

The Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration aims to provide nonprofits with an archive of great fundraising creative approaches and appeal ideas. Visit that link, register, and you’ll have free access to their “Top 20 Best of the Best” ideas, … Continue reading

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What works: Type & layout tips

I have only a dogeared 1996 edition, but you can easily buy the 2006 edition of “Type & Layout: Are You Communicating or Just Making Pretty Shapes” by Colin Wheildon. A few tips I rely on: — ¬†Headlines set in … Continue reading

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