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Use of images/html in email

The IFC masters’ class I participated in had a lot of great info, but two nuggets I can’t accept.  One was that use of graphics is email was absolutely the way to go.  The cited proof was that including images … Continue reading

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Blogging IFC

One seed of HAPPYDONORS was planted when a friend asked if I was going to blog the International Fundraising Congress.  I laughed, recalling hardcore bloggers at sxsw hammering continuously on iMacs during sessions. Failing to fulfill my own stereotype, I … Continue reading

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A favorite happydonor technique…

In the 1990s I wrote a lot for the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, through their then-agency National Direct Marketing. NDM was among the top testing agencies I’ve ever known, testing often and well and, most unusual, … Continue reading

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Left and Right, Right and Wrong

Like many creatives, I’ve been a hired gun for much of my career, working for most any organization who would hire me.  This gets sticky only when I encounter agencies and organizations who stereotype creative strategists or writers as “left … Continue reading

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The marvels of Courier

Direct marketing tells us what works, but not why.  A favorite example arises with the Courier typeface — a typewriter font that continues to win tests long after the typewriter’s common existence. I had the pleasure of selling low-cost, high-payoff … Continue reading

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NGOs apply satellite imagery

At the 2007 South-by-SouthWest technology con in Austin I attended a session on mashups, including many great uses of the open-source Google Earth.   One presenter talked about a Google Earth overlay that would someday allow real-time information on otherwise out-of-reach … Continue reading

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Achieving “happy donors’ is HARD!

When fundraising, we’re presenting an absurd proposition:  asking people to give us their hard-earned money and get nothing nothing concrete in return. Our best chance of getting them to do this again and again is to make them more than … Continue reading

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